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Mom and Baby Dance

Mothers (dads/parents/grandparents/ guardians) and their babies come together in a temporary community of music, gentle, playful physical exercise, creative dance expression, exploration and connection; simple activities designed to unlock, motivate and engage kinetic, physical energy, while being with one’s baby.

Mom and Baby

Parent and Child Dance

Parents have fun and engage with their children and each other through dance, playful physical contact, rhythms and songs in various languages from various cultures. Designed to inspire movement through observation, dance and creative exploration, these classes focus on child development through shared and attuned quality time.

Parent and Child

Dance in Daycare

A catalyst for social interaction, physical activity and cognitive learning, our dance engages children…. available upon request

Dance in Daycare

Family Circle Dancing Fun

All ages. No dance experience necessary
Come as a family, come with a friend, come alone. All are welcome. No dance experience
is necessary. The steps will be taught before each dance.

Family Circle Dancing Fun

Second child registration discount

If you are parent of two children who love to dance, we are now offering you the chance to take advantage of our 30% discount on the second child. During the registration process, choose the option ‘Add a second child’ that is proposed to you. 

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MamaDances Membership

MamaDances is aware of the challenges that await new parents. We are understanding and flexible, which is why we offer our members the luxury of retaking missed classes. Missed classes can be retaken either during the same session or the next two session at the same or another studio. In order to take advantage of this guarantee, and to make sure you benefit from all your classes, you must be a member of MamaDances.

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MamaDances cultivates breastfeeding friendly spaces


"My son has grown to love this weekly outing, and so have I. The moves aren’t strenuous, the vibe is relaxed, and I recommend it as a fun and special bonding time with your baby."

– Shannon and Connor
Mom and Baby Dance

"A relaxing interactive experience with other mums and their babies, while dancing to lovely music. I was happy to finally get out of the house and meet some really nice people, enjoying a fun activity together."

– Jana and daughter
Mom and Baby Dance

"A great opportunity to let off steam with my daughter, to follow in learning the movement and the discovery of her body and share with her my passion for dance. I run, she jumps, we dance … She loves and I have fun. This is a very good combination."

– Frederic and Tessa
Parent and Child Dance

"This exceeded my expectations! Baby loved it. No tears and thousands of smiles. Thank you!"

– Marie Eve and Tenzin
Mom and Baby Dance

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