Robin McPhail-Dempsey

Robin McPhail-Dempsey is a graduate of York University (BFA-Dance), the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and The CREATE Institute. Robin has extensive training and professional experience in both dance and the expressive arts. Her work focuses primarily on bringing her love and joy for movement to non-dancers and special populations of any age, including her work with MamaDances, since doing her training with Eryn in 2014, and her work with Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP), since 2012.  She has facilitated expressive art/movement based programs for many other community organizations and populations including active seniors, those living with the effects of COPD, Stroke and Dementia and elementary school children in both the TDSB and TCDSB.

Highlights of her 25+ year dance career include 7 seasons with Toronto Dance Theatre and travelling nationally and internationally as an independent performer, working with many notable choreographers in both capacities.  Robin has also served as Rehearsal Director for DWP’s Intergenerational Dance Project (2016-17), and Bridging Generations Through Dance (2018-19). 


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