These 60-minute classes typically consist of:

  • Free exploration of space and other participants in the class with music
  • Unifying and coming together as a group in a circle
  • Beginning with simple, playful and repetitive warm-up exercises: learning isolating and moving parts of the body with or without sounding
  • Level changes: movements on the floor… stretching, rolling, crawling and coming to a standing position
  • Adding music and tuning awareness to musical cues and directions in space and gesture. Singing and dancing with traditional and contemporary children’s songs, participating, imitating and following, within a group
  • Rhythm
  • Folk dances and circle dances: waltz, gigue, polka, pop or samba step
  • Stimulating independent, creative exploration by introducing story, character, objects or atmospheres to engage imagination with physicality

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Are Montreal classes bilingual?
Yes. You are encouraged to come no matter what language you speak. Verbal language is not so significant. We focus on the body and moving.


What do I need to bring?
Your child is welcome to bring their toutou. They can wear what they like with the exception of socks, tights or shoes. If taking socks or shoes off becomes an issue or challenge please bring appropriate dance slippers. If the child is in socks, it increases the risk of slipping. Bare feet are best. Bring a water bottle.


Can I take photos or videos?
We understand the desire to capture a moment and share with other loved ones. Your own cameras, or phones are not permitted in class. We engage a professional photographer during the session and you may purchase the photos at a very reasonable price. You can see some of our photos in our gallery.


Do I have to have experience in dance?
No. The movements we do are geared to be easy and fluid, stimulating and enriching, regardless of level of experience. There is always a wide range of experience level from none to lots in each class.


What style of Music do you use?
World Music


Can I do drop-in?
Drop-in is only permitted once you have done a whole session and we have developed a rapport. Success of the class is contingent upon developing trust and familiarity in the group.


Can fathers participate?
Yes, fathers are most welcome too.

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