A momentous, one of a kind, mother/father/caregiver and baby choreographic dance workshop and performance project…


A new choreography by MamaDances Artistic Director, Eryn Dace Trudell – debut performance was held at Lac-Aux-Castors, Montreal on August 25, 2018. 
The first edition of MOMentum was made possible by support from The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the marvellous contributions of volunteer dancers, our partners and sponsors and the catalytic invitation from The 16th Edition of Festival Quartiers Danses.
MOMentum is a choreographic creation and meditation on the power of raising a child in freedom and harmony, bringing mothers/father/caregivers with their babies, together in dance.  It is a metaphor in movement of social action and solidarity for humanity, embodying the rituals of caring. It is an artwork of mobilization, of enlivened and empathetic “beholding”, of compassion, and of empowerment that is cultivated in a group dancing in rhythm, together, with their babies.Caring is powerful. Collective caring is omnipotent.
This first edition will pave the way for further events in upcoming years.

2018 Participants

A huge thank you to all of the participants of volunteer baby duos who danced with us in our first edition of MOMentum 2018!

It truly was a memorable artistic dance experience that captured those memories, that you and your family will cherish forever.

Read first hand – the experiences from participants of the first MOMentum event below...

MOMentum Partners

MamaDances thanks the generous support of our MOMentum partners.

Thank you all for your participation in our first edition of MOMentum held in Montreal in August 2018


"I feel like every time I went there, I was able to connect with my daughter on a different way, connect with the other mothers. I look back on it and it’s just a beautiful memory. It passed too soon, it passed too quickly! It’s just a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house, to move your body in ways that you haven’t sometimes since birth. And that was particularly special for me and then to connect with your baby through dance."

– Vera
2018 Participant

"I was already very very close to my baby but I feel like another level of connection was created. The other day I even felt … I know it’s going to be a little cheesy, but I felt my heart beat with his heart beat, like our 2 hearts together. It was beautiful."

– Corinne
2018 Participant

"I really liked the openness of the choreography and the rehearsals with a focus on how-to live with a child, and the knowledge of other moms, to be able to: breastfeed, dance, and change the diaper without any pressure. I feel that there is a lot of help."

– Isabel
2018 Participant

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