Maria Eugenia Garza Oyervides

Maria Eugenia Garza Oyervides finds in dance the complete balance between freedom, pleasure and trust. Being small, she made her first steps in musical and jazz in Mexico. After, she discovered contemporary dance as a space to express herself and become aware of the body. For more than ten years, she has worked as an interpreter and choreographer in several projects. She also shared her creative dance experience in several workshops for children and adults in Mexico, France and Montreal. To immerse herself in her choreographic research, Maria moved to Montreal to do a master's degree in dance at the university with a project focused on the influence of our society in the dancing body. It was in 2014, with the birth of her son, that she began to explore more deeply another universe; that of children. Amazed by the movement of the little ones and the connection established when they were dancing with them, Maria introduced herself to this beautiful adventure that MamaDances has as a participant and teacher.


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