Empowering Families

Through Dance.

Beyond the ordinary. 


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  • Deepen the bond between parents and children through joyful movement.


  • Create lasting memories and meaningful engagement with your child.


  • Build a supportive community of like-minded parents and children.

Are You Struggling With:

Limited quality time and meaningful engagement with your child?

Many parents find it challenging to create special moments and connections in their busy lives. Traditional activities may fall short in fostering genuine parent-child interaction.

Difficulty understanding your child's development within a social context?

It can be frustrating when you miss out on observing your child's growth and unique personality in a social setting. Traditional methods often fail to provide opportunities for this essential aspect of parenting.

Feeling disconnected and isolated from a community of like-minded parents?

Searching for a supportive network of parents who share your values and understand your journey can be overwhelming. It's time to break free from the isolation and find a community that embraces and supports you.

 MamaDances Parent Child
Program Offers:

Engaging Classes for Quality Time

Engaging classes that prioritize quality time and meaningful interaction between parents and children.

Nurturing Environment for Child Development

An inclusive and nurturing environment that fosters social awareness and child development. 

Transformative Community of Parents

A supportive community of like-minded parents who value the transformative power of dance, physical fitness, creativity and social engagement.


Creative Activities for Connection

A wide variety of activities including playful physical contact, culturally diverse instrumental and action songs and dances designed to inspire movement through observation, imitation, and exploration. 


Expert Instructors in Dance and  Child Development

Access to professional instructors specialised in child development and dance. These classes focus on mutual delight and development through shared, harmonised quality time.



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About Us

MamaDances was created by dance artist, Eryn Dace Trudell. Eryn had moved to Montreal to pursue her career as a professional dancer. Her plans changed radically when she became a mother, and soon after, a single mother.  As a new mother, she found herself alone in a city where the working language was not her own. At this challenging  intersection between mothering and pursuing a dance career, intuition and necessity conspired to transform her personal journey into a professional trajectory in developing a unique niche, now with almost two decades of experience and thousands of mothers, babies, and  families.

We are passionate about empowering families through the transformative power of dance. With years of experience in child development and dance education, our dedicated team of instructors is committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where parents and children can bond, learn, and grow together. We understand the unique challenges of modern parenting and strive to provide meaningful experiences that foster connection and joy.

Experience The Joy And Transformation That
MamaDances Offers.


MamaDances helps parents of all backgrounds and their children unlock the transformative potential of dance. Our program is designed to help you create a stronger bond with your child and experience the joy of movement together.

Join us today and:

  • Strengthen your connection with your child through the transformative power of dance.
  • Build lasting memories and meaningful engagement in a nurturing environment.
  • Feel confident in your parenting journey with the support of a like-minded community.

Through our unique approach, MamaDances combines the art of dance with the science of child development. Our carefully designed classes and playful activities ensure that parents and children embark on a journey of movement, connection, and growth. With an emphasis on creativity, self-expression, and social awareness, we stand out as a leader in empowering families through the power of dance.

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What our lessons look like?



Frequently Asked Questions:

What our customers says:

Such a warm and welcoming class, very baby engaging and friendly. I have zero dance experience and I don't know what compelled me to sign up for the classes but I am so glad I did!


- Katie

Très professionnel. Dans le cadre d'une entreprise qui offre des services pour professionnel, Eryn nous a démontré qu'elle devrait être celle avec qui vous devriez faire affaire.


MamaDances was a voyage of discovery in dance and music ‚Äď shared with my son. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond, express and communicate with him through movement. We loved the community feel to our class, that was complemented¬†by a passionate teacher.


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