Jessica Runge

Jessica Runge has over twenty years of experience teaching creative movement to children in diverse settings, and, since receiving training from Eryn in the Mama Dances pedagogy, she has enjoyed sharing her love for movement with families through the parent and child and Mom and baby classes.  

Runge has performed to critical acclaim across Canada and internationally in the works of a number of notable choreographers, including Darcey Callison, Peter Chin, Maxine Heppner, Christopher House, Sara Porter, Tedd Robinson, and Holly Small. She has danced in the major Canadian dance companies the Toronto Dance Theatre and Le Groupe Dance Lab, and has collaborated with many local independent innovators, such as Susie Burpee, Deborah Dunn, Susanna Hood, Andrea Nann, Heidi Strauss and Eryn Dace Trudell. Her own choreography has been presented at numerous venues and festivals, garnering recognition including DORA nominations and a KM Hunter Award. Recently she danced in Her Heart by Peggy Baker at the Theatre Centre in Toronto and Flying Hearts, a new work developed by Michelle Silagy and Lynda Hill through Theatre Direct.

Runge’s work as a choreographer and interpreter investigates the way movement has meaning for audiences. Runge is interested in a range of expressivity, and has found potential in diverse physical vocabularies and structural forms (including: site-specific work, aerial dance, and interactive projects).

Since 2013, Runge has been based in studio 103 in Artscape Youngplace in Toronto, as a member of the space-sharing Intergalactic Arts Collective. She teaches, rehearses, and performs out of the studio.

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