Eryn Dace Trudell, MA

Founder and artistic director MamaDances since 2006, Eryn Dace Trudell,  is a multiple award-winning versatile dance artist. For three decades, she has excelled as producer, dancer, choreographer, facilitator, teacher, researcher and entrepreneur.

As a graduate of UQAM (MA), Juilliard (BFA), and a certified Skinner Releasing Technique facilitator, her research investigates dance as a relational art and means of cultivating a sense of wholeness and wellness through the enhancement of kinaesthetic awareness, sensation and empathy – deepening connections to the self, to others, and the environment.

Her work demonstrates the ways in which dance contributes to the quality of life for individuals and communities, including new mothers, seniors, and other populations who frequently lack visibility and forums for expression in the dance world.  It is her conviction that by engaging in practices that help us to feel connected through presence and to sensation, we can cultivate the ability to bond, love and be loved: to care and be cared for. Eryn’s knowledge and skills are a consolidation of her formal training in ballet and modern dance at Juilliard, contemporary dance and somatic movement education, as well as her developing integration of theories of Dance Movement Therapy and the pursuit of history and practice of folk dance, culturally specific dances, and dance as ritual.

Eryn has received support for her work with MamaDances from:


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