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This idea began as a choreographic presentation, in 2006, in Montreal, where 6 professional dancers took to the stage with their babies. Since then MamaDances has developed a pedagogical approach alongside its aesthetic ambition to put care and love at the forefront of our daily activity.  To date, our programs are offered to the public out of community centres, yoga studios, dance facilities, churches, and resource centres. We have had the honour of dancing with thousands of young families and strive to continue, as art is so necessary to quality of life, and the small amount of time we have to be with our children is so very precious.

MamaDances is founded on the notion that attunement, presence, shared focus, creative exploration, play and physical freedom are at the root of building a robust society. All parent child combinations are unique and no one participant experiences the same as another. Enhancing the infant/parent relationship, child development, and social connection while giving parents the opportunity to move in non judgemental, inclusive, artistic aesthetic environment are benefits that we hope to provide. What happens when you put all these spontaneous, animate ideas in a dance studio together with music is always a surprise, delightful and wild.

Our artistic posture is that the artist’s responsibility to society is to uplift and inspire, motivate and embrace the human spirit with compassion, empathy and love.

MamaDances grew out of the necessity to include artistic practice in parenting.



The original idea for MamaDances was born out of necessity to negotiate around or incorporate a child into an artistic practice.

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