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Circle Dancing is an ancient celebratory way of practicing rhythmic, choreographed steps, in unison, with others, in a circle formation around a centre piece. For thousands of years people have danced this way in family and in community on special occasions and in daily life. It has healing qualities that unifies the mind, body and spirit, helping individuals to have fun, connect, renew and replenish.  By the nature of its structure and simplicity, circle dancing is accessible to all; there is always one person in front to guide the way, one person behind following, one person on the right and one person on the left to support and guide us in the dance.

Biographies of The Facilitators

Anne-Catherine: Principal Facilitator

Until the Covid pandemic, Anne Catherine McConnell hosted monthly Circle Dance evenings in her home. She has spent the last ten years researching and collecting dances for children from all over the world that are often danced in a circle. She is a former Montessori teacher who now lectures at Sherbrooke University to elementary school student-teachers and graduate students. She teaches, among others, a course on the applications of Circle Dance in teaching elementary school curriculum. Her teaching is inspired by the Waldorf Method with a special emphasis on the arts and allowing children to develop a strong bond with nature.

Eryn Dace Trudell: Assistant Facilitator

Founder and artistic director of MamaDances since 2006, Eryn Dace Trudell is a multiple award-winning versatile dance artist. For three decades, she has excelled as producer, dancer, choreographer, facilitator, teacher, researcher, and entrepreneur. As a graduate of Juilliard and Masters student at Université du Québec de Montréal, her research investigates dance as a relational art and means of cultivating a sense of wholeness and wellness through the enhancement of kinaesthetic awareness, sensation and empathy – deepening connections to the self, to others, and the environment.

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