My son has grown to love this weekly outing, and so have I. The moves aren’t strenuous, the vibe is relaxed, and I recommend it as a fun and special bonding time with your baby.
– Shannon and Connor (mom and baby class)

A relaxing interactive experience with other mums and their babies, while dancing to lovely music. I was happy to finally get out of the house and meet some really nice people, enjoying a fun activity together.
– Jana and daughter (mom and baby class)

In the tumult of everyday life, quality time with my daughter is rather limited, Mama dances for me was a sacred time when there was nothing else but my daughter, music, my body and the others around me. I am convinced that Mama dances helped to link the attachment that is woven between my daughter and me following the happiness that we experienced together in dance.
– Dominique and Maila (mom and baby class)

This exceeded my expectations! Baby loved it. No tears and thousands of smiles. Thank you!
– Marie Eve and Tenzin (mom and baby class)

A great opportunity to let off steam with my daughter, to follow in learning the movement and the discovery of her body and share with her my passion for dance. I run, she jumps, we dance … She loves and I have fun. This is a very good combination.
– Frederic and Tessa (parent and child class)

“In 18 years of dance classes, I had never participated in a show, because I do not think I’m good. With MamaDances I learned that the key was in the sharing of emotions with our children, with the music, with other moms and their babies and with the public.”
– Vanessa



We like to invite a photographer to our classes every term, so we can all have some precious souvenirs of these ephemeral moments. A photographic session of this nature can be very expensive. Our generous  photographers agree to do this in exchange for being able to use some of the photos themselves ( with your permission). If you have any objections to being photographed, please speak with the photographer before he/she begins.  We will have a CD of the photos available for $25.  Really, they are so beautiful.
We will need you to sign a consent form for the use of the photos. It is attached, but the photographer will provide you with a paper version.