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MamaDances Teachers Certification Course

MamaDances in your community

Benefits for local businesses and community: MamaDances provides supplementary revenue to local studios through hourly rental or additional programming, and can provide visibility to local businesses through promotional partnerships and affiliate marketing campaigns. MamaDances can be an addition to programming in community centres, cultural organization, dance schools,studios or other appropriate venues for physical exploration with similar values.

Benefits to Teacher: We support the desire of dance artists to expand their career by including MamaDances in their palette of teaching techniques, and asa parallel career to their other performing activities and other employment. It is not possible to make a living as a MamaDances teacher alone. This is a supplement to other revenue streams.

The Ideal Candidate: A MamaDances teacher is an entrepreneurial dance artist.She (you) creates her (your) own schedule and define their (your) own workinghours. You can take complete pride in the development of community in your neighbourhood or city. Classes are generally best-offered Monday to Friday 9-3pm and Saturday mornings before 11:30 am. The classes are not extremely physically strenuous. They require a lot of energy, skill and concentration.

Eligibility: A MamaDances teacher has formal professional dance training or its equivalent in dance experience, is acknowledged by peers, has teaching experience andloves babies and children. A MamaDances teacher has dance improvisation skills, and is able to be spontaneous and flexible, while maintaining control and redirecting any detour, back to a main path. She has a good sense of humour and ideally, but not absolutely, is a mother or parent.

To be considered please send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to  eryn@mamadances.com .

Course Content: The certification course includes training in two programs: Mom and Baby Dance and Parent and Child Dance.

Included in the two programs are: Teachers Manual, Class plans,Choreographies and Playlists.

Course Certification of completion comes with the possibility to work under trademark MamanDanse MamaDances and with MamaDances, upon successful evaluation.

Note*: The Parent Child curriculum is influenced by local culture. If you are coming from outside Canada, you will need to bring examples of your own local children’s songs. The course includes 80 hours of in studio training and class observation. Each teacher will be required to demonstrate their ability to teach a class, in the final days of the training and will be evaluated by a volunteer group of participants. Two weeks will seem short and each candidate must be able to study and prepare materials in the evenings. The teacher is given a playlist, but is required to purchase their own music and supplies. Most class pedagogy is accompanied by on-line videos. Related areas of study will include: Postnatal Health, Baby Wearing, Marketingand Communications.

Additional Support Services: For an additional fee (to be negotiated), MamaDances can provide on-going administrative and managerial support, including on-line registration and visibility on the Central MamaDances web site.

Insurance: Canadian teachers may be included in the MD Teachers Insurance Policy for a fee of 100$ per year. Those coming from outside Canada will be required to purchase their own teachers insurance. Our next certification course will be held in Montreal July 2017. All future teachers will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, which will be valid until the candidate receives their Certificate. Once a Certificate is awarded the candidate will be legally permitted to offer classes protected under the trademarked name: MamaDances. MamaDances reserves the right to refuse the awarding of a Certificate according to the results of the evaluations at the end of the session.

Costs and payment

Tuition fee: (in Canadian dollars) plus taxes:

Mother Baby Training: 900$

Parent-Child Training: 900$

Non-Refundable deposit: $100 (required to reserve your place.)

Next Teacher’s Training course:

Mother Baby: July 2rd-7th 2018

Parent Child: July 9th-14th 2018

Payment in instalments is possible, get in touch to know more.

Send your C.V. and a letter of interest to eryn@mamadances.com