Policies and FAQs

Cancellation and reimbursement policy

  • Payment can be fully reimbursed up until the first class during the session in question.
  • If you are unsure that the class is appropriate for you or your baby/child, it is recommended to try two classes. The first one is always the most challenging as it’s a new environment for you and your child and everyone may be a bit nervous. The second class will give you more of a realistic view.
  • If you decide not to continue with us after the first class, your payment is refundable minus 20$ (this is the price of the first trial class).
  • Your last chance to get a refund is at the end of the day of the second class. Please advise us before midnight on the day of your second class if you do not wish to continue. In this case, your payment will be partially refunded. We will keep 37$ and you will be refunded the remainder. For example, Lisa paid 96$ + tax= 110.38$. MamaDances would keep 37$ and Lisa would receive a refund of 73.38$ on her credit card.

Policy on absences

There are no refunds in the case of absences. However, we would like you to benefit from the classes you paid for. It is possible for you to retake missed classes if you opt for our membership.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Montreal classes bilingual?

Yes. You are encouraged to come no matter what language you speak. Verbal language is not so significant. We focus on the body and moving.

What do I need to bring?

For your Mom and Baby Class

  1. A bottle that you can refill with water.
  2. A throw/blanket to place on the floor beneath your baby (if your baby is not locomotive), and for cleaning up various fluids if necessary.
  3. A baby carrier, for dancing with your arms free and your baby securely supported by your body.

Please do not bring toys. (Except a soother, if necessary, or a chewy thing if your baby is teething).

If you do not have a baby carrier or need information on baby carriers you can inquire with a babywearing consultant.

We recommend:


Or visit one of the following boutiques:
Ciconia, Laloba, Bummies, Calins et Popotins and Melons et Clementines are a few. You can also inquire with a Facebook group like Mama Kangaroo or Mamasupial.

For your Parent Child Class:

Your child is welcome to bring their toutou. They can wear what they like with the exception of socks, tights or shoes. If taking socks or shoes off becomes an issue or challenge please bring appropriate dance slippers. If the child is in socks, it increases the risk of slipping. Bare feet are best.

Bring a water bottle.

Can I take photos or videos?

We understand the desire to capture a moment and share with other loved ones. Your own cameras, or phones are not permitted in class. We engage a professional photographer during the session and you may purchase the photos at a very reasonable price. You can see some of our photos in our gallery.

How old should my baby be:

Generally, this activity is ideal for you and your baby of between 4 and 12 months old. However, every dyad is different.

The variables are:

  • The unique development of your baby,
  • The weight and size of your baby,
  • Your baby’s personality or behaviour in the context of this setting
  • Your physical condition.
  • Your experience in and relationship to dance
  • Your experience in and relationship to your body
  • Your level of attention, patience and commitment
  • The total group dynamic.


My baby is 2 months (or less). Can I still take the class?

Yes, you can. Though, it tends to be more difficult and your participation will be limited. Each dyad is very different, so I allow for you to gauge this yourself. Often times, attendance is less regular with very young babies, so I permit you to complete a whole class series over the span of two seasons. If you register for this class and then decide, by experience, that your baby is too young or you are not ready, you can always join the next group.

My child is 1 year. Is this too old?

Often, once your child has begun moving autonomously and before they are able to communicate verbally, the challenge becomes about providing a safe and encouraging environment to guiding them toward and allowing them to follow their own curiosity and process of discovery. This is a challenging phase in a group class setting. I recommend my Baby dance and Parent child dance classes after 1 year. That said, there are lots of exceptions and I encourage you to try things out and decide for yourself. Every child is unique. I have had all ages participate successfully and unsuccessfully.

Do we use a baby carrier?

Yes. We dance with our babies in a baby carrier for the last half of the class, unless your baby is very young (under 2 months), in which case you might use a carrier during the whole class.

What genre style of dance do you do?

Mama dances. After five years of development and by consolidation of 36 years of study and 25 years professional dance experience involving many techniques including classical ballet, modern dance, post modern dance, urban dance, jazz, musical theatre; and somatic approaches including Alexander Technique (AT), Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering (BMC), Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), Contact Improvisation (CI); mixed with cultural influences from Africa, India, Latin America, Europe, China, North American; plus folk dance, circle dance, trance dance, ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms, dance improvisation, and the hours I spent as a child playing rhythm and hand games and disco dancing with partners in living rooms…and the hours I spent with my own child…. Mama dances was born. The genre of dance I teach is Mama dances.

Do I have to have experience in dance?

No. The movements we do are geared to be easy and fluid, stimulating and enriching, regardless of level of experience. There is always a wide range of experience level from none to lots in each class.

What style of Music do you use?

World Music.

Can I do drop-in?

Drop-in is only permitted once you have done a whole session and we have developed a rapport. Success of the class is contingent upon developing trust and familiarity in the group.

I know I will be away, can I pay for only the classes I will attend?

No. It simply is not fair to those who have unplanned absences. We need everyone’s commitment to ensure the class will go. I wish I could say yes, but it just isn’t that simple. There tend to be lots of absences from one day to another, (whether it be because of health or fatigue or travel, planned or unplanned) so if everyone paid partial amounts we would not survive. You can make up your missed classes instead.

Can I bring my other children?

Yes. In past sessions, there has been a wide range of participants. School professional development days are fun. If you have chosen to care for all your children at home instead of using day-care service we are happy to help facilitate your participation as best we can by accommodating other children.

I have twins, can I still participate?

If you have twins you will have to bring a friend to help you. Your participation of four will be counted as one registration.

What is the general structure of a class?

Class is divided into two parts with a pause in the middle.
Part 1: Arrival. Warm-up: voice, rhythm and body, creative and technical exercises, circle dances, explorations with baby held in arms, resting on floor or travelling around.
Pause: 10-15 minute break to talk, change diapers, feed, and secure baby in carrier
Part 2: Dancing a choreographed sequence with baby in baby carrier, in group unison.

Can fathers participate?

Yes. This activity is not exclusive to mothers. Fathers are welcome too, though I have only had three participate in 5 years. Fathers tend to prefer Parent Child Dance Classes.

Can I bring my mother?

Yes. As long as the rest of the group is fine with that, Grandmothers are welcome too.

I am going to give birth soon, can I register now?


Can I breastfeed in the class?

Yes. Those who feed on demand are welcome to do so. You can sit at the side of the room, in the middle of the room or you can breastfeed while dancing. There is a break during the class also, at which time you can feed your baby.

I have had a caesarean section. Can I still do Mama dances?

Please ask your doctor about unique medical conditions. Please wait until you are certain that your healing is complete. Four months is recommended.

What if I am late for class…?

Please come even if you are late. We are creating a social network, and its better for you to be late than not there at all. We all sympathise with punctuality being somewhat beyond our control.

What do I wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in: something easy to move in; workout clothes; bare feet. It is best to avoid dresses and skirts or anything very expensive. We do some activities on the floor and its more comfortable for you if your knees are covered, though it is not necessary.

What can I do if I miss a class?

If you are absent for a class, you are welcome to make up that class at another location during the same season or at the same location during the next season. There are no re-imbursements for absences