Parent and Child Dance

MamaDances Parent and Toddler Dance Class offer toddlers a chance to be swept off their dancing feet. Parents have fun and engage with their children and each other through dance, physical  (non-competitive, non violent) playful contact, rhythms and songs in various languages from various cultures. Designed to inspire movement through observation, dance and creative expression, these classes focus on child development stimulus and cultivating healthy autonomy within a group.

These 60-minute classes typically consist of:

  • Free exploration of space and other participants in the class with music.
  • Unifying and coming together as a group in circle.
  • Beginning with simple, playful and repetitive warm-up exercises: learning, isolating and moving parts of the body with or without sounding.
  • Level changes: movements on the floor… stretching, rolling, crawling and coming to standing.
  • Adding music and tuning awareness to musical cues and directions in space and gesture. Singing and dancing with traditional and contemporary children’s songs, participating, imitating and following, within a group.
  • Rhythm.
  • Folkdances and circle dances: waltz, gigue, polka, pop or samba step.
  • Stimulating independent, creative exploration by introducing story, character, objects or atmospheres to engage imagination with physicality.

Guide for Parents