Mother and Baby Dance

MamaDances Mother and Baby Dance Class, for children from 2 months of age to walking, bring mothers (dads/parents/grandparents/guardians) together with their babies in a temporary community of music, playful physical exercise, creative dance expression, exploration and connection; simple activities designed to unlock, motivate and engage kinetic, physical energy, while being with one’s child.

These 90-minutes classes typically consist of:

Introduction: Name games and short discussions to put participants at ease.

Warming up: Exercises for stretching, limbering, strength, co-ordination, alignment and articulation. Special attention is given to lower back and abdominals, shoulders and neck.

Movement studies: Exploring physical ideas that engage the imagination with a kinaesthetically playful attitude. Approaches through image or intention rather than demonstration…breath, soft feet, loose bones, suspension and release, etc.

Technique: Standing, with or without babies in arms, exercises enhancing foot , leg and hip articulation, postural alignment, core support, full body co-ordination and releasing unnecessary tension to find fluidity.

Dancing with babies in arms to enhance tactile connection and sensation. Awareness is on weight distribution, holding and carrying techniques to enable kinaesthetic sensations of flying and floating, inversions, descending, buoyancy, imagery, etc. This is done in line dances, circle dances, waltzing, tangoing and free form dancing around the room or in place, to Classical, and world music.

Pause: To allow social time. Sharing, feeding, changing, water, breather.

Dancing with Babies in Body Carriers:

Rhythm: Drawing from multi-cultural dance forms such as Gigue, Flamenco, Tap, Latin, East Indian, North American first people, and African, fun is had with fancy footwork.

Choreography: Learning choreographed sequences practiced together, in unison and in groups for potential performance. A performance or special event at the end of each session provides an opportunity to invite the rest of the family.

Calming techniques: Massage techniques, lullabies and moments of “just being”, to give presence and effortless availability and infuse the spirit with peace and joy.