MamaDances is aware of the challenges that await new parents. We are understanding and flexible, which is why we offer our members the luxury of retaking missed classes. Missed classes can be retaken either during the same session or the next two session at the same or another studio. In order to take advantage of this guarantee, and to make sure you benefit from all your classes, you must be a member of MamaDances.

How to become a member: 
You already have a MamaDances account? Then connect via our website. You don’t have an account with us? You’ll need to create one. In your customer area, click on “Membership”. A once-a-year payment of 20$ will give you the right to retake missed classes during that time.
Select “Membership” in our course list, on our registration page. The terms and conditions remain the same.
Membership terms:
  1. A yearly membership is 20$ (tax included).
  2. Missed classes can be retaken either during the same session at another studio, or the following session, at either the same or another studio.
  3. You only have one chance to use your credits. Choose the moment that best suits your schedule and contact us to let us know. The credits that have already been scheduled to be retaken cannot be modified. Contact us to know the class schedule for other locations.
  4. Valid for Mother and Baby (2-12 months) and Parent and Child (1-4 years) classes.

Notification by email of all absence is required within 24 hours of it happening, or else you forfeit the right to make-up the class. No exception.

Please contact with any questions.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and we look forward to hearing from you or seeing you in one of our classes!