Toronto Gift Certificate

***Please note that we are not running any class in Toronto for the moment ***


Give someone you love, and their child, an unforgetable gift;

…a moment of time outside of the ordinary; the freedom to experience the joy of being danced and moving creatively and playfully together.

How does it work?

The donor selects what to purchase, but does not book a date/time.
The donor pays, and receives a voucher that he can print out and include in a gift card.
The person receiving the gift visits the schedule at and decides of a date/time, and contact for registration.
The MamaDances Gift Certificate is valid for two years.

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Absentee policy

Because we all know what it is to be busy, the registrant who is participating to the class, needs to be aware of our generous absentee and credit policies:

There are no refunds in the case of absences. However, we would like you to still benefit from the classes you paid for. You will receive a one or several non-refundable credits.
If you missed a class, it is possible for you to take another one in its place. You may take a class at another studio during the same session or even at the same studio in the next session.
You only have one chance to use your credits. Choose the moment that best suits your schedule and contact us to let us know. These credits are valid for 6 months starting from the date of registration or for the next two seasons (for example, if you receive credits in Fall 2014, these credits can be used in Fall 2014, Winter 2015 or Spring 2015.)
The credits are valid for Mother and Baby (2-12 months) and Parent and Child (1-4 years) classes.